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Rainwater Harvesting

Homestead Services has experience in both conventional drip irrigation and rainwater harvesting. The simple concept to be followed is that water is a precious resource, and should be used wisely. By incorporating integrated systems such as greywater or using rainwater to wash our clothes and then flush our toilets, we are using that water more than once. Conservation is not only "using less", but also reusing that same resource.

Converting your landscape beds from spray heads to drip irrigation not only can save water, but the plants will be getting the water where they need it the most ... at the roots. With the use of "smart" irrigation controllers and rain sensors, your water usage can be significantly improved.

Take a look at some of our recent projects:
Small home system
Larger pressurized system
Gravity fed system

There is also a video posted on You Tube:
Backup rainwater system (not for potable water)

The items listed below are available for purchase.

Dribble valve assembly - $35.00 Shipped via UPS Ground
This is a fully assembled dribble valve that fits a threaded 4" PVC clean out adapter. The inline ball valve can be attached to 1/2" poly pipe for extending the water discharge

Working drawings for tank piping - $25.00 Ships US postal
This is a 6 page set of 8.5x11" drawings showing inlet and outlet piping, water level control assembly, low voltage wiring schematic for water level control, dribble valve assembly, first flush filter assembly, and pump piping diagram.

For more information contact:
Jim Bundscho

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